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We employ a small and very efficient production team

By utilizing state of the art equipment, industry developed software and the largest output devices, the company leaves room to grow!

Metro Flex works hard to be faster and better than the competition. We eliminate the prepress bottlenecks and challenges so you can focus on your printing business!

Our History

At the time Flexo printing companies were prospering, but the long delays with artwork and plates were slowing them down. In order to keep up with demands and grow their business they needed a better option to expedite this process. Having a strong background in flexo prepress and a network of many friends in the flexo printing industry, Scot Terry began looking for that better option. After putting some equipment pieces together and finding a partner in Charleston Cline the plan was coming together. With not much more than their knowledge and strong work ethic, Scot and Charleston found a way to start a small plate-making operation from a small garage in Centerville, Ohio. This quickly evolved and became Metro Flex in March of 2003!

Inline Label started using Metro Flex’s services over 10 years ago. At that time, I was debating on bringing the plate-making process in house. After using Metro for a couple of years I realized what a waste of money that would be. Metro is a company that I can depend on for all our prepress needs. I can now spend money on the things that will help grow my business

Dave Hechler

President, Inline Label

Scot Terry

Scot Terry


Personal objective

To identify the customer need, execute the best solution and grow the business!


Over 25 years’ experience working primarily in the Flexo trade-shop industry in both a technical and managerial capacity. Scot’s expertise in Flexo prepress, plate-making and many Flexo applications make him a valuable resource in the industry.


Charleston Cline

Charleston Cline

Vice President

Personal objective

To continually build a strong production team that supports the demand of our customers! 


Over 30 years’ experience in the Flexo Prepress and Printing industry. Charleston’s prepress abilities and many years working in a large Flexo printing company enable him the essentials to quickly respond to press room challenges.


Our commitment to be better!

Our focus on continual improvement is implemented by talented employees committed to the same basic principles as Scot and Charleston. We are committed to offer every client the resources and urgency they need to grow their business.

We enjoy working with Metro Flex. They are easy to work with, respond quickly to our needs and are very competitively priced.

Tod Leonard

President, The Printing Plant

Working for what our customers need!

Metro Flex has developed strong relationships with a large variety of flexo printers each with a unique advantage and selling point in their market. Our process starts by getting to know you and determining the best way we can benefit your company. By understanding your business success, company processes and daily expectations we will implement the solution so working with us is easy!

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